About me

A woman, a mother, a wife and a food lover….My love affair with food started way back when I was growing up watching my mother cook day in and day out. I was always part of the tasty process, in a passive manner though. One day, my mother switched jobs and all of a sudden I found myself alone in front of the stove. I remember the semolina pudding was a complete disaster, a lumpy mass of something that my loyal dog refused to like. How about that fun with candy making that left two inches of solid candy rock on the bottom of our best sauce pan (where did I get that inspiration?). So I learned through trial and error for the most part…And had fun for years to come!
I considered becoming a vegetarian when I married my husband, who hails from a South Indian Brahmin family. I slowly fell in love with vegetarian food, which soon started to feel so natural. 
Cooking vegetarian is so much more fun and challenging. The variety of vegetarian ingredients is amazing and so is the range of dishes one can make. I twist recipes to suit my lifestyle and buds. I cut corners without compromising on taste and quality. I sometimes take an Italian recipe and add a bit of masala, chant a mantra and voila: a new fusion dish that can be quite intriguing even for the most puritan out there. However, when it comes to certain dishes (especially the ones passed down from family) I try to remain true and authentic.

Born and raised in Republic of Moldova, but having visited many places, and having lived in quite a few, I gained a bit of culinary experience which I wish to share with you. Enjoy the journey!

Tastefully Yours,


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