Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Very White, Yet Colourful Christmas

 This has been the first White Christmas (Eastern Orthodox as well) since 2002. Of course we would drive to NM or some other places to see snow, but it's not the same. Home for Christmas is the best of celebrations! 

To celebrate color, since we moved to Colorful Colorado last year, I chose to play with one of the most favourite winter salads that feature on the Christmas/ New Year table in Moldova and other Eastern European countries: The Vinegret. Diced carrots, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, beets and peas (or/and beans), tossed with a tad of black pepper, vinegar and oil make a wonderful, heart warming winter salad.

Since the  occasion is so special, I got my salad dressed up in a very festive Rubik's cube attire: the dressing is made of green peas and the above mentioned condiments.

Three Cheers for the Vinegret!

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