Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Three Vegetable Soup- Summer's Goodness in a Bowl

We have always had soups when growing up. Borsch (that fermented liquid made out of wheat bran)  was added to most soups to give them a lift and to enhance their nutritive value. In fact, a meal is most of the time incomplete without this amazing starter. I try to make soups as often as possible: pureed, chunky, raw- you name it. They are light and present a powerhouse of nutrients. My ideal soup has to still have a slight crunch and texture- that is, the vegetables should not be soft and mushy- in other words, not overcooked.

This soup here is a combination of beets, new potatoes and green beans. Garnished with parsley, it's ready to go. In the summer heat, I prefer my soups cold. Of course, we are divided on that topic in our family!
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