Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Soya Malai Kofta - a Treat for the Vegan, Vegetarian, and the Budget Conscious

These are incredibly good. At less than 25 US cents per pound, soya beans have certainly been underrated, mostly used for cattle feed in this part of the world (Moldova). A great source of high quality protein, soya is an invaluable ingredient in a vegetarian's pantry, as well as in a budget conscious persona's.
Easy to make from scratch (not as easy as unpacking a frozen box of them though ;). Soaking and cooking the beans is required, and a pressure cooker is a life saver. Grind the beans (about 2 cups) with a handful of semolina, add herbs, spices, seasoning, form into small balls and coat them in bread crumbs, or semolina, and shallow fry them. These take very little oil if the oil is brought to optimum temperature. Am sure they can be baked too.
Serve them plain, or soak them in gravy, for an extra kick.

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