Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three Cheese Bread- a Lot of Talk

Three cheese- cottage type: smoked paprika, fresh dill and garlic, and freshly chopped bell peppers.  I was afraid I would confuse the flavour, but the marriage of the three turned out perfect. The bread is plain white, and that was good, just to allow the others talk!


Swathi Iyer said...

Delicious very cheesy, Love it. Please visit my new website: Zesty South Indian Kitchen

Priya Suresh said...

Such a beautiful bread, wonderful job..

C. Newsam said...

Is there a recipe for this? It looks wonderful and would love to try making it. Thank you.

Shubha Prashanth said...


You are truly a Yogini. I am really amazed by your creativity. You are an inspiration to me and many others how love to cook.

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