Saturday, June 22, 2013

Green and Purple Beans and New Potatoes - New Style

This is a very common dish around here, when new beans start to show up. Though garlic is the most common seasoning used for giving it a lift, I used the liberty and teased it with some Indian spices. Quite an impressive effect on the taste buds.Of course, the purple became green when cooked... disappointed ;)


Violeta Pasat said...

Adelina,cat de bine arata,colorata e plinA de viata mancarika ta.Stii ca nu am vazut pana acum,si nici nu am mancat fasole mov?
E un soi specific din India?

Adelina said...

Nu, Violeta, sunt aduse din Statele Unite, mamei i sau parut asa frumoase. Culoarea dispare la preparare, insa in salate sunt sigura ca arata bine! Mersi mult!

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