Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Heart Cake- You Are What You Eat- Sweet for the Sweet

My little Malini loves watching me decorate cakes, but most of the time she has to see the cakes leave the house. Where? I dunno :) she says. So I make sure I make a bit more raw material so I can  fix her a little treat. But they have to resemble the cakes that leave, you know! So it was the case for this one  (that left the house:). And a cake was in order, this one to stay.

And there is one more secret, which I guess happens to one and only child families- we celebrate Month Birthdays! ...usually a little "happy birthday" hum so neighbors cannot hear us and a Sweet Treat! Can you say NO? Eggless, fondant covered, buttercream filled....YUM. Sweet....


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