Saturday, January 7, 2012

Galushte- a More Traditional Kind- Merry Christmas

 A while back I wrote about the stuffed leaves delicacy, called galushte in Moldova (galushi or sarmele as well, depending on the region). Well, I confess the way they are made there is not quite the usual way, maybe more elaborate, but not quite there. The traditional way of making them is holding the leaf (usually cabbage or grape) in hand, adding a little stuffing an rolling in in a zig-zag fashion, making sure the end is well sealed. The stuffing is usually rice and seasoning, coarse corn meal and seasoning, or both. The shape it takes is irregular, but may look like triangles a lot of times. Depending who makes them.

 used to be the "crown" meal at a festive table. There is even a tradition of stuffing these dumpling and "dancing of the pot" for weddings- I promise to post that video some time, which I luckily took before my own wedding. That is fun to watch, you will at least laugh once! Unfortunately about that time the mass transition from "home-crafted weddings" to wedding hall style ones has taken place and a lot of these age old rituals, if you may, have simply dissipated in the vast ocean of globalization....Now beautiful carpeted walls have given place to floral bouquets and the wooden bar lounge-seat covered with hand made runners is replaced by the pompous foam stuffed bow-tied chair....

Here I have two kind of galushte- one with couscous and  seasoning , the other is barley and seasoning. Maybe not traditional, but certainly delicious!
And wish you a very Merry Christmas- to all of you celebrating it on January 7th!

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