Sunday, April 22, 2012

Freshly Made Mascarpone- Simple Beauty

And that is what was used to fill the Pasca. Scroll down. Makes such a versatile dish: spread, bread / casserole filling, salad partner, sweet filling. Certainly a better choice compared to the one from the grocery store. But then we all know that.

Here is the recipe link: thank you so much, Kathy!

Thank you and Bon Appetit. As simple as that.


Priya said...

Fantastic work..Homemade ricotta cheese looks awesome.

Alessandra said...

Lovely, but I must tell you that this is not ricotta, it is more like a mascarpone. Ricotta is made with whey, not with milk and cream. There are a lot of recipes going round the blogsphere giving the wrong recipe for ricotta, some were started by popular American bloggers and it is a pity that a traditional italian product is misunderstood because of them.
Anyway, if you want to see a ricotta made with whey go here (and you can learn to make mozzarella first!)

I also wrote this message to the blogger where you got this recipe from.


Adelina said...

thanks, Alessandra- great to know the difference!

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