Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glorious Nutshells- no Need of Nutcracker

...and i can see why they don't make them least at home. smart, those young Moldovan ladies. Who has the time to stuff nut shells when you can buy a cake from Franzeluta? Thumbs up.

Nah. Every year when I go home I bring some of my mom's cookery treasures, antiques or vintage stuff of the Old World. Some of those gizmos are nostalgically looked upon here in the US, like my manual meat mincer that has a few attachments for cookie making. So it all started somewhere.

But anyways, nostalgia aside, I dared make those and they were simply delightful. The walnuts and rose jam were brought all the way from Moldova, harvested from our very own walnut tree and rose bush....ah....

I must be nuts.... :)

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