Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cogîrle- Steamed Rolls and Potato Pot

One of the Moldovan fussy dishes- so much so that in my mom's village they ask the picky eater "maybe it is cogîrle that you desire?"- on a sarcastic tone, of course. Well, after getting a taste of other cuisines and their ways of cooking, I do not see too much fuss about them, but I understand the ever so busy lady of Moldova, who has a job, a family to feed, laundry to do (often by hand), and land to work on, a house to keep (spotless)-add to it the hungry animals and maybe a hubby in the bar ;)-to be fetched home...

The rolls dough is made of plain flour and water (add an egg if you will,- just like pasta dough), the rolls stuffed ( or smudged) with fetta cheese and mashed potatoes (or either of them)- sometimes without anything,  just plain, oiled and rolled. Placed on a bed of potatoes 
(or a blend of root veggies)and stock to just cover the veggies - the rest is the magic of the steam- keep the lid tight on!

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