Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chayote Squash Relish

Husband and me:

- Would you say Tohayal is a chutney?
- No, chutney is different.
- Is it a pickle?
- Certainly not.
- Is it a pachadi?
-No. It is just what it is: Tohayal! Period.

All right, I saw it before, and it's a losing argument. Tohayal is a South Indian (maybe Tamil?) spiced paste made of vegetables, that accompanies rice and other dishes- a sort of relish, and thus I called it- to be fair. This one here is made of ground chayote squash (chow-chow) peel, tempered with fried urad dhal, red chili pepper, mustard seeds (all ground to a coarse powder). Like my sister in law once said: In India we make the best use of vegetables- be it seed, flesh or skin! Very smart- and yummy!

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