Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 1st Year Blogoversary- Chocolate Cake, Please

My good friend Simona Haliga from alison-trials introduced me to the word Blogoversary yesterday, while telling her during our little chat that I was making a cake for the 1 year anniversary of my blog. So I decided to use  the word today, for tomorrow I will complete 1 year of blogging. 
I started off too enthusiastically but I really slowed down as time went since I had to go through my priority list and realized that I had a few "cannot take your eyes off" things to take care of. Well anyways, here I am, with 130 posts published, a bunch of good loyal bloggers who keep coming even if I am not reciprocating all of the time, and a wish almost fulfilled: have my passion for cooking immortalized (unless Google goofs it) in form of words and images.- stingy on writing as I am (at least for now), I let pictures speak, and if they inspire you- my mission is complete!

I wish to offer all the food here to Sai Baba first- who is the owner of it all!

Now the cake: and WHO do you think insisted on blowing the candle? My INSPIRATION!!!

Used this recipe for the crust

2- tone swirls- toffee and chocolate whipped cream!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mixed Veggie Curry- à la Pao Bhaji

...minus the insane heat from chilies (some masala has it), plus the bigger chunks of veggies (so you can really taste what you are eating), minus Pao (how about a paratha), plus a great taste. (3 am is not a great time to wake up and blog...but what do you do when sleep does not befriend you?) What makes it great? cooked carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, not so much cooked  green peas, tomatoes and bell peppers- plus a blend of coriander, cumin and paprika- and a nanopinch of chili powder, ....still have some in my pantry, but promised to divorce it soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baked Thai Style Tofu-and Corn Noodles

The beauty of Austin's farmer's market is its cosmopolitan character: freshly made chutneys and pickles from local ingredients, feta cheese, soy sauce...and curries- all there: local, sustainable and yummy! Saturday I ended up buying this pretty jar of freshly made Thai Green Curry Paste, and I decided  giving it a try- and tofu is about the best item there that would render an unbiased opinion, since it is rather neutral and bland in flavour itself- which means nothing would overshadow my curry's potential! Rubbed the curry on tofu, let it marinate for 4 hours or so, lightly backed it, and I must say- it was DELICIOUS- next to corn noodles and edamame beans!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rustic Pizza

Disputed whether pizza is an Italian original or not, will leave it to others...  and I admit this one is not going to win me any prize on creativity, but unlike its commercial sister, which is awfully cheesy,  salty....and soft (the part my husband likes), mine is full of flavour and crunch. Just onion, red/orange and yellow bell peppers and black olives- and a shy handful of mozzarella- on wholewheat home made crust- a winner nevertheless! Thick or thin- a matter of taste, but in my humble opinion, stone-baked thin ones have more character. Go ask Italians :) in New York!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Light and Dark Chickpea Cutlets- Like Two Peas in a Pod

This ancient grain, whether called chickpea , garbanzo bean, chana (north India), Indian pea, ceci bean, Bengal gram, makes interesting, delicious and nutritious meals. I have used cooked ones, both light and dark (kala chana), blended the whole stuff with bread crumbs, salt, garlic, black pepper and cilantro and shaped them into cutlets- fried them - and off you go- put them in a bun,  serve them with your favourite sauce or just plain yoghurt (I do that)- they taste great!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greens' Soup

What's on your palette? - mostly green, with some orange hues! Chopped chard, spinach, parsley, scallions, with an occasional carrot make it perfect! The recipe is always a matter of spontaneity and "mix and match" game- so let the heaven be the limit! Mine did taste like one- and home made bread does marry it well!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Udon Soup- Interesting Flavours Again

One day a while back I was looking for some good recipes for my udon noodles, and certainly something that is vegetarian....and I ran across this page that gave me a chance to use what I had in my pantry to fulfill my quest.
I made my dashi using shiitake mushrooms and kombu (edible kelp)- which rendered a rather strong broth, hence I avoided adding the mushrooms themselves to the soup- just kept it plain with tofu, broccoli and some scallions! My mother found the taste rather odd (it takes a bit of training your buds if oriental flavours are a stranger to you!), but the rest of us just gulped it!

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