Sunday, April 10, 2011

Besan Ladoo- A Heartfull for a Little Sweetheart

My lil'princess turned two this week, and, apart from the traditional cake and candles, I decided to make and take some ladoos to our local Sai Baba Temple here, for the place has become like our second home now. I have never been too keen on the Oh-My God-So -Sweet-and- Rich Indian desserts, but ladoos are irresistible, and thought, auspicious too!

I have borrowed the recipe from

Manjula Ji does a great job of explaining every step of it.  I took the liberty and made some changes, like using brown sugar instead of white one, and replacing pistachoes with almonds. I made about 110 small ladoos, and they went like "hot cakes" on Thursday, Baba's big Aarthi day. 

 Please help yourselves!

Distributing the ladoos after devotees take the prasad


Amritha Kalyani said...

Many More Happy returns of the Day to your little one!!! The ladoos looks so delicious. And it was really sweet of you to distribute them in Sai Baba temple. I am really touched. :-)

Raji said...

Happy Birthday to your princess...the laddoos look so good..we too distribute sweets in temple on good occasions. Sweet distribution must have given immense satisfaction to you.

Alessandra said...

I have never heard of ladoos, but they look good!
Your little princess is just adorable, happy birthday to her!


Priya said...

My hearty birthday wishes to ur lil princess...Laddoos looks simply delicious and feel like munching some..

Swathi said...

Belated happy birthday wishes to your little princess. she is cute. Mine is going to going to celebrate her birthday on coming May. Besan laddoos looks awesome. You look nice in Neriyathu Saree.

Adelina said...

thanks folks!

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said... looks simply amazing...mmm...truly mouthwatering..ur princess is adorable..happy bday n godless her..
First time here...u hv a wonderful space..visit mine as time permits.following U..".......

Di said...


Happy Birthday to your little one!

Suman Singh said...

Irresistible ladoos indeed..belated birthday wishes to your daughter...she is beautiful..God bless!

Adelina said...

heartly thanks...Everyone!

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