Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cogîrle- Steamed Rolls and Potato Pot

One of the Moldovan fussy dishes- so much so that in my mom's village they ask the picky eater "maybe it is cogîrle that you desire?"- on a sarcastic tone, of course. Well, after getting a taste of other cuisines and their ways of cooking, I do not see too much fuss about them, but I understand the ever so busy lady of Moldova, who has a job, a family to feed, laundry to do (often by hand), and land to work on, a house to keep (spotless)-add to it the hungry animals and maybe a hubby in the bar ;)-to be fetched home...

The rolls dough is made of plain flour and water (add an egg if you will,- just like pasta dough), the rolls stuffed ( or smudged) with fetta cheese and mashed potatoes (or either of them)- sometimes without anything,  just plain, oiled and rolled. Placed on a bed of potatoes 
(or a blend of root veggies)and stock to just cover the veggies - the rest is the magic of the steam- keep the lid tight on!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembering Majestic India

After a long pause.......I am back. We all enjoyed a rather short trip to Chennai, India  (about 2 weeks), and the multitude of emotions, the infinite colors of its existence and the experience is one that cannot be put in writing- neither is it my goal for a food blog post. 

On the culinary level, is there another place on Earth that caters better to vegetarians? I sincerely doubt.  Every nook and corner is blessed with food stalls, and grand restaurants that tantalize your taste buds in a way to be remembered for long. 

Here are a few highlights of my love affair with food in India- a few restaurants me and my husband went to ( Taj Hotel, Sheraton Park Hotel, Barbecue Nation ....few others that the names escape now)- all offering amazing ambiance and food.- let the shots speak for themselves!

Waiting for the menu- perhaps!

A rather unusual starter- spiced baby corn...

Barbecue on each table
Barbecue on each table- and lots of marinades!
Chef cooking some delectable patties and snacks!
At Sheraton's- the aplams and deep fried chilies were a real treat!
At Sheraton's- the aplams and deep fried chilies were a real treat!- do not forget the chutneys and pickles!

The Thali- one I will not forget- and neither will my stomach!

Had almost forgotten it was March 8th- until the waiter brought this exuberant dessert- compliments of the restaurant!

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