Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Navarathri, Sundhal, and a Ton of Memories

My visit to India in 2005 was all about the Pongal festival- whereas in 2007 I happened to have visited India around Navarathri and Dipavali (Diwali). How do I love the way the Indians celebrate their holidays?- I am nuts! -glamour- shopping galore- noise in the streets and fireworks in the air-and FOOD- India caters well to its vegetarian crowd

Each festival (and there are many) has its specialty foods and Sundhal is one of the Navaratri's favourites. Call it salad, snack or side dish- sundal is mainly a medley of pulses, grains, beans, cooked with spices, coconut and other goodies- in n number of combinations. Of course, there are classic recipes out there and the story is, one type of sundhal is being cooked  on each of these nine days of Navarathri (nine nights)- the last one being Nava Dhaania Sundhal (nine gram salad). I have one type of sundhal here, for the curious!

One of my blogger friends, Radhika Vasanth, has published the Kadala Parupu Sundal on her blog space, here, and I decided to use her recipe to prepare this delicious snack- and guess what- it turned out exceptional! Thanks Radhika!!!

Here are some shots of the gollu that I have taken in Chennai, 2007 (my husband's cousin' house)- the doll display done with so much skill and creativity for the Navaratri occasion!

Me somewhere at a Mylapore market- dolls dolls dolls!!! (a cellphone shot- thanks Kitthu!)
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