Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Bean ...Burger- Missing Anything, Vegetarians?

My hubby  tries to avoid anything that is being processed next to meat, that includes vegetarian food that is handled in the same square foot as non vegetarian. - Oh, we can take the peperoni off your pizza, if you prefer a vegetarian one!- Thank You Very Much. 
Well, I am a bit easier, since I can close my eyes and pretend nothing happened- and that stray piece of ham in my salad ? I hope it had a safe journey!
Well well, vegetarian surrogates  do not appeal to me at all- if I really miss meat- I will get back to the real stuff (hope not). I mean all those meat flavoured vegan sausages, sliced ham, turkey chunks- give me a break!
But I do not mind making my own "burgers" and "hot dogs" (can we call them somehow differently?- hubby asks...) hmmm mmm.
I did make them many times using soy beans, lentils- but the kidney bean has yielded the best results so far- love the intense peppery character of this bean- and combined with mushrooms, bell peppers and garlic- it was so so good...Add a pinch of spice and seeds of your choice to boost its taste- and a handful of bread crumbs is a must to keep it together!  Fry in little oil- oil is not bad for you- in moderation! No. I am not missing anything. Amen.

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