Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring Rolls- a Burst of Freshness and Crunch- Even in Fall

It would have been more appropriate to publish this post in spring, the time when  they are most  celebrated in the countries of their birth,  but hey, we eat fresh veggies all year round, and which is more, I am not eating "by the season", since seasons are badly skewed in the American supermarkets. You know what I mean...In a way I am missing the times when we were waiting for a specific fruit or vegetable to ripen in our gardens- and man, did they taste good! On the other hand, I love the fact that I can have them whenever I want them- so seems like I am caught between these two dimensions!  Again...

Well, spring rolls are very easy to make- need rice wrappers (paper) and julienned veggies (of your choice)[carrots, bell peppers, lettuce leaves, green onions- my choice]) and cooked rice noodles. There are many ways to wrap these guys, but I got this open end idea from a buffet served at the Asian Culture Days Conference here in Austin (2004).

The "curly shrimp" on top is actually spiral cut carrot!- no scare for vegetarians!

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