Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Salad in Disguise

Browsing through my old food pictures, I ran into this salad which I made years back, and it brought me back memories of parties I used to throw and the fun we used to have!!! Well, with a new baby on board, life changed quite a bit (to better), but I no longer have the luxury of time to entertain the way I used to....well, not till long- my daughter already shows signs of culinary talent!- 
Back to the cake- I remember some of my guests used to ask :"Is this a cake?" well, you might as well call it a cake, but it is a salad cake: layered potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, carrots, ground walnuts, and mayonnaise between each layer- be creative! Layer one level at a time, and shape it into a circle, then proceed with the next one! 

My Tiny Inspiration!

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