Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fried Plantain with Coriander Spice Blend- Not the Usual

I learned how to make this blend of spice and coriander leaves (kothamalli thokku) from my mother-in-law and we love it as spice for rice and other dishes out there, but I discovered that it offers a very interesting flavour when fried as seasoning for  potatoes or plantains (or other veggies for that matter). Instead if using the dried one, I made a fresh small batch  just before the frying process and then added it to the frying plantains. Forgive me, Indian purists out there, but things like this happen in my kitchen pretty often! (my mil would probably get a shock!)

Well, I used it for spicing up these plantains here- and needless to say-  the spice blend lived up to its promise. I do not have the recipe for now, but will post it pretty soon since I have 3 bunches of coriander leaves in my fridge that are waiting to transmigrate into Thokku!

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