Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mushroom Sauce- the Way I Remember It

Moldovan food is delectable, simple and fuss-free, and that is what perhaps makes it so special. When you taste it, you may not be dazzled by extravagant spices and complex flavours, but you will surely taste the food in it, and I mean it. A skilled cook in Moldova is considered the one who can prepare a delightful dish using few ingredients, without masking the taste of the main ingredients with "little of everything". Thus spices are used with caution (no, our food is not bland), and herbs with lots of art.

I remember as a kid taking my pail, packing up a picnic, and heading to the wooded strip along the railway track that runs not far from our village to pick up mushrooms after a few rainy days! What a treat it was for the whole family! And my mom used to make this tasty and crunchy dish using sour cream, onions, tomatoes and the brown mushrooms fresh from the forest! A bit of fresh dill and pinch of black pepper in it was a great addition and nothing tasted better and more comforting than this sauce eaten with a freshly baked slice of bread or mamaliga (polenta).

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