Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plantain- A Staple for Many and a Treat for Few

Plantains have surely been on my "never-heard- or tried-before" list. Only after I married my Indian-made husband, I had the chance to meet face to face with this tough cookie. I still have a few of those on my list that I haven't explored yet, nopales and banana flower being just two of them. So when it comes to getting acquainted with new veggies or fruits, The Cook's Illustrated is my official guide. Those guys have done the homework for me, why trouble then? So I take all the advice possible, and get rolling.

Austinites know that Fiesta is a store of abundance, an I know it too. I ended up with a carload of fresh veggies the other day, and my plantains could not wait too long, so I cooked them the South American style, with coconut and plenty of passion! Enjoy!

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