Monday, August 9, 2010

Indian Lentil Dip- a Perfect Match for Rotilla!

For all technical purposes, Indian rotis or chapatis are the same home made Mexican wheat tortillas. Last night I needed to fix a quick dinner with some leftover cooked lentil ( toor dhal) and thought of making a dip of it for my home made tortillas- and when tortillas meet Indian dips they become Rotillas:). The lentil dip resembles what is commonly known as Dhal Fry,  a spiced fried lentil dish  with or without veggies in it! Fried a chopped onion and tomato, a sliced red and green chili, added the cooked lentils, spices and salt....and the dish was ready in minutes. As usual, I baked my tortillas for crispness. We really enjoyed  it and the request was to make more of it in the days to come!

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