Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eating with Thoughtfulness

Credits to 3268zauber 
I just realized that I have completed publishing 50 postings on my blog! oh my! those bloggers out there will have to agree with me that it is not easy at all to be a food blogger...after all, one has to think creatively in terms of a recipe, write it down clearly (or in my case, as clear as possible), in terms of taking decent shots and make that food look at least half edible----I eat my heroes- believe me!
Well, I thought of not posting any recipe or story with this occasion. Instead, I want to meditate on the journey food takes to arrive on our plates...
Every family has its traditions on how they spent their meal time- for most busy folks out there that might be the only time to bond with their kids or share their day's events...
Meal time is a Silent Time in our home. We approach food not as merely tummy filling stuff, but as sustaining and healing energy. Many traditions around the world have elaborated on this subject and I am not going to dwell on it. But we do take this seriously- when we eat our food, we have the whole Universe on our plates. We eat the sun rays that kissed that grain of rice, the wind that caressed the field of corn, the rain drops that washed that apple, the joys and sorrows of those who worked hard on growing, harvesting and bringing my food to my place, day after day, and it turns out their lives and ours are indivisible...Even the plates I eat from have a thousand stories to tell...all I have to do is listen!
My favourite author on this subject is Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, who beautifully elaborates  this subject in  his book " No Death, No Fear".
It all may be in one's mind, but practicing thoughtful eating  in fact proves to be so enlightening...I always feel humbled and honored to be part of a grand scheme, it involuntarily makes me more compassionate, forgiving and appreciative...

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