Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spiced Grilled Corn Cob

As kids I remember waiting  for those two weeks window opportunity to have cooked corn cobs, and would check every day on the corn whether it is ripe or not. Despite our parents' telling us that we should look for slightly dried "corn silk", or the "doll's hair" (they used to make wonderful swaddled dolls to play with), we still went into the field splitting the corn to check on the ripeness!

Sometimes we would make a fire in the garden, wait for it to almost die, and throw the corn in the charred wood and leave it there for baking overnight- oh- the flavours of childhood!

During my second visit to India,  I had a chance to try corn cob in a quite different way: brushed with spiced gravy and grilled!  I am happy I took a shot of the lady making them on the street side! 
I do not know of a recipe for the masala, I just melted some butter, mixed in paprika, ground cumin, ground coriander seeds,  little chili and salt, a pinch of tumeric for added yellow drama, and brushed the cooked corn with this sauce, then grilled the corn. It turned out very tasty!

Grilling corn in India

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