Monday, July 12, 2010

Crêpes- the Moldovan Way

Known as "blinchiki" in Russian and "clatite" in the Romanian, these delicious, delicate pancakes feature as a classic dessert in most of homes. I remember them on most of holidays' repertoire, even weddings and funerals... Every time I make them, nostalgia overwhelms me, and memories of my childhood weave themselves quickly! The house I grew up in and all the goodness that comes with living in a village! I could almost see my mom heaping towers of crêpes - they don't stay long on the table!

Some photos of the place I grew up in:

Our green frontyard

...vegetable garden
...and water well, about 30 yards deep!
Back to food!
We mostly have the crêpes in two forms- jam stuffed and cottage cheese (ricotta) stuffed- and then butter fried! Yesterday I made them with my home-made fig jam and wrapped them in our traditional "log"style. The recipe we use is the classic mix of egg, flour, milk, sugar, salt and vanilla.

Evenly spread the jam over the crêpe:

Once you have three logs ready, place them over a plain crêpe...

....and roll to obtain a log

slice the log in 1 inch pieces and serve

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