Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taco Shell Salad in Two Guises

When you are having one of those days when you cannot wait to hit the sack but know that your guests are going to knock at your door in just a couple of hours...-unless you promised them something more-this is an excellent way to liven up the table. Quick, healthy, super easy and chic.

Use vegetables of your choice and in order of your choice- just make it look good. You can fill a few baskets and set them ready just to start the process- leave a large tray with all the prepared ingredients on the table so your guests can help themselves whichever way tickles their imagination.

I used uncooked tortillas and they work great for this purpose- bake them for crunchiness and appeal.

Mix some olive oil, lime juice salt and black pepper for seasoning the salad.

Starting with the re-fried beans on the basket bottom, build it up with a variety of veggies, garnish with Mexican pickles and sour cream.

Bake a few shells flat, and do the same. For these ones, I used whole pinto beans instead of re-fried ones.

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