Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baked Eggs on Buckwheat

I did have some buckwheat leftover from yesterday's lunch and was not very sure I want to transmigrate it into today's lunch, and instead used it for breakfast. Of course, this one is not a rush breakfast and neither is it one of those hold me and bite me in the car while driving, texting and still having one hand for doing the eyelashes. Yet, it is not difficult to make at all.

Vegetarian Eggs: this one made me wildly roar. I could imagine that chicken looking at the fat, juicy worm and saying" NO dear, I am not going to eat you, I am a vegetarian". Well, I know what they mean when they say they feed the chicks vegetarian food, but it just sounds funny.

Here is how I did it:
  • Placed some buckwheat on the bottom of my cast-iron pan

  • Cut some mozzarella cheese and spread it on top

  • Carefully break four eggs on top of the buckwheat (I was not so careful with one of them:) Next time I should visit before attempting anything with eggs!

  • Season with salt pepper, scallions, and some flax seeds for full blast benefits. Bake till the eggs are thoroughly done.
Here is another version of baked eggs on buckwheat seasoned with chives and curry spice.

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