Monday, June 7, 2010

Puri-licious, fat-ilicious

Puri-puri, fat-ilicious puri! Omnipresent: in the streets and for weddings, lunches and banquets! It is a regular breakfast item in some families!
While visiting India in 2007, I remember taking a long stroll along C. P. Ramaswamy road In Chennai and ran into a few stalls making these HUMANGOUS puris! Puri is prepared from fine whole wheat flour (atta) and salt, by rolling it out in a circle the size of one's palm and deep frying in ghee or vegetable oil. While frying, the bread puffs up. After achieving a golden-brown color it is removed and served hot.

I guess it's a wife and husband working hard at puri making. But I might be wrong...should have asked.

Later husband asked me "have you ever made puri?" It can be construed as a perfectly innocent questions but as far as he is concerned, this is a loaded one: it means more of "can you figure out how to make them?"...of course. Having neither atta nor maida flour at hand, (the Indian store bought stuff), I used regular whole wheat and all purpose flour instead. Well, they did not puff uniformly, but were certainly tasty.

And the side dish that goes soooo well with it is a potato masala I made using my cilantro spice mix (I am saving that for later, I promise).


Srivalli said...

Thats wonderful! puris any time of the small doubt, we refer atta to whole wheat flour and maida as all purpose flour. Was it something else you meant?..yours look very much like how I make..hence this doubt..

Adelina said...

well, the Indian atta is finer then the US regular whole wheat, which is coarser and a bit heavier. Maida is identical, you are right.

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