Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grilled tofu and plantain

Those guys who live in Austin, TX probably heard of or been to this great shopping place called My Than in the Chinatown complex. Well, yesterday I went shopping there to replenish some of the long missing oriental food items in my pantry. I can go wild in that store, seriously. For the most part I behave like a babe in the woods in such foreign-to-my-being places....but luckily I knew exactly what I wanted. Well now, this morning I wake up with these two huge plantains on my countertop fruit basket staring at me. I knew it does them no good to procrastinate, so I had to make up my mind how I treat them. Last week it was Indian week in my house, so finally the sambar fragrance is out and so are my chapatis, thanks goodness. I had a long gaze in the fridge and spotted a pack of firm tofu et voila, une idee superbe implanted in my head. Grilling it!
I traced down a Thai marinade recipe and quickly:

Marinated the tofu

Marinated the plantains (cheated....used some Indian spices as well)

Threaded everything on bamboo skewers...(added some bell pepper for color)

and grilled them:

I made some whole grain rice mixed with Thai red rice for added drama....It was good!...oh, and a piquant youghurt sauce for balance!


Anonymous said...

Some chutney would have been nice too! - Kamesh

Malar Gandhi said...

Yummm, grilled tofu' and plantain...quite an interesting combo', perfect.

Regarding dosa - yup, I just used 1 table spoon of lentils...for one dosa:)

Adelina said...

Oh, Sundhar never misses his gongura pickle, even on Italian pasta :) But kept it away for presentation purpose....

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